General Practitioners want FEMPI measure reversed to stop 'mass emigration' of GPs

The National Association of General Practitioners has called on the Government to reverse FEMPI.

They are holding their AGM in Maynooth this weekend, and say financial emergency measures in the sector must be scrapped.

The union also says FEMPI is a key factor in the high emigration of GPs in this country.

President of the NAGP, Dr. Emmet Kerin, says the industry is suffering.

He said: "We're certainly recognising that the FEMPI cuts imposed on General Practices, which equates to 38%, is really a stranglehold on the functionality of General Practice.

"That has come home to roost now when you see mass emigration of trained GPs or early retirement of GPs and the service itself has been degraded because of a lack of resourcing and funding to allow the practice to be functional."

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