Gay rights protesters chain themselves to Dáil

Gay rights activists chained themselves to the gates of Dáil Eireann today in protest at the Government's proposed Civil Partnership Bill.

Members of the pressure group Equals used chains to lock onto the main gates of Government buildings and unfurled a rainbow flag with the words ‘Marriage Rights Are Equal Rights’.

The group says that the Government’s proposed Civil Partnership Bill creates a two-tier society where gay people and their families are treated as second class citzens.

“We are all equal and deserve to be given the same right as straight people to marry the person we love," said spokesperson, Lisa Connell, adding “we won’t leave here until Brian Cowen takes equality seriously”

Sources said one man was arrested by gardaí at the scene after clambering on top of a gate pillar at the entrance to the Dáil. He was taken to Pearse St Garda Station.

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