Gay Byrne says he'll never be the same after heart attack

Gay Byrne has admitted things will never go back to how they were before his heart attack.

The RTE legend gave everyone a scare last Christmas and although he has recovered well, Gay said things won’t be the same again.

“I’m well on the mend. It will never be back to then - they warn you to take it easy and take it gently,” he said.

“I’m not walking as far as I used to and I’m not walking as fast as I used to, but otherwise I’m grand. I’m getting there.”

Meanwhile the broadcaster thanked fans and concerned colleagues who have been wishing him well.

“I’m doing very well indeed and people are very kind and come up to me as usual and they ask me how well I’m doing,” he told the Herald.

“Everybody is extremely kind and lovely,” he added.

Gay Byrne says he’ll never be the same after heart attack” via


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