Gardaí 'unable to pay loans and mortgages'

Gardaí cannot afford to pay their mortgages and bank loans, according to the body that represents rank and file members of the force.

The Garda Representative Association last night said it was pulling out of talks on extending the Croke Park Agreement, because of proposals to cut garda pay.

The GRA said it would not participate in any process that includes proposals to cut wages or that reduces the terms and conditions of employment.

President of the GRA, John Parker, said the proposed cuts were totally unacceptable to his members.

"You get paid for your week's work, if it includes other hours you get paid for those," he said.

"They're targeting what makes up a constituent part of our pay, it's our members' bread-and-butter, they're unable to pay their loans and mortgages.

"It would be a substantial cut to them if it did go through."

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