Gardaí try to break up Gaza blockade protest

Around 40 members of the Anti-War movement are protesting outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin this morning.

The group is calling on the Government to sever diplomatic ties with Israel.

Nine people were killed last week after Israeli forces attacked a flotilla of ships which was en route to Gaza with aid.

Spokesperson for the Anti-War movement Richard Boyd Barrett has said they have no choice but to protest.

He said gardaí have tried to push protestors away from the entrance of the Israeli embassy in Ballsbridge this morning as they mounted the protest.

The protest continues on the road in front of the embassy.

Claudia Saba, Palestinian member of the IAWM steering committee, said: "It is just disgraceful that the Gardaí would try to prevent us from protesting in a peaceful manner.

"They are protecting the embassy of a government who has just days ago murdered humanitarian workers in international waters and who blockaded an Irish ship and imprisoned Irish activists before deporting them."

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