Gardaí to crack down on 'prolific' burglars in Dublin

Gardaí are set to launch a major crackdown on burglaries in Dublin this week.

A new Burglary Response Unit will set up armed checkpoints on the M50 and increased surveillance in target areas.

If the scheme is a success, it could be rolled out to other regions.

This Garda clampdown comes after a wave of reports of break-ins in recent months, and will see armed officers deployed across the M50 motorway to target burglary gangs.

According to the Irish Daily Mail, a list of "prolific" burglars is being drawn up, and new automatic number plate recognition software will be rolled out to squad cars to identify offenders.

Some of the focus will be on those with outstanding bench warrants while car thefts and other criminal gangs will be also be under surveillance.

The initial focus of the taskforce will be in the Dublin East area and suburbs like Blackrock, Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey, but if it is a success it could be rolled out to other regions across the country.

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