Gardaí to clamp down on illegal taxis

It is estimated there are around one hundred people with serious criminal records working as taxi and hackney drivers.

Gardaí are to mount checkpoints around the country over the coming days to catch rogue and illegal operators.

Tax, insurance and licences will be checked under ‘Operation Taxi’ which will also be used to root out unroadworthy vehicles.

The Public Transport Minister Alan Kelly has said he wants people with serious convictions banned from driving taxis and hackneys.

“The taxi market relies on consumer confidence in a safe, reliable and high quality SPSV service. I believe that the new emphasis by Gardaí on the taxi sector will ensure that consumers will have that confidence in the sector and the taxi drivers that do their jobs professionally will be rewarded by the market,” said Kelly.

“Enforcement is the biggest issue taxi drivers always raise and I welcome this move by An Garda Síochána.”

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