Gardaí 'seriously concerned' about drugs cocktail that put seven in hospital

Garda HQ in Harcourt Square

Gardaí say they are seriously concerned about a cocktail of drugs which has lead to seven people being hospitalised in the last week.

They were treated after they took drugs, initially reported to have been a drug known as scuzz - a cocktail of substances believed to include LSD and amphetamines. However, it is understood that toxicology tests have confirmed that the students had taken LSD and amphetamines separately.

Those admitted to hospital were all either medical or veterinary students at UCD.

While many of those affected were students at UCD, and while Gardaí in Donnybrook in Dublin had uncovered a quantity of drugs in a house in Blackrock, there is no evidence that the drug is restricted to one university or one area.

Suspected LSD - Methamphetamin paper, which splits into tabs, was recovered in the planned raid of a house in Obelisk Walk at 6.30pm on Wednesday evening.

The paper depicts a picture of the comic superhero Captain America.

In an article in the

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Irish Examiner, Caroline O'Doherty reports that experts warned of the dangers of combining LSD, a hallucinogen, and amphetamine, a stimulant.

“There is a real risk of harm here,” David Finn, professor of pharmacology at NUI Galway said. “The effects of amphetamine on the cardiovascular system are actually quite potent. It can raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.

“LSD, depending on the dose that’s taken but particularly at higher doses, can also have effects on the cardiovascular system.

“Once you start taking these drugs alone or in combination you’re into uncharted territory because one doesn’t know how much of the drug one’s taking or how they’re going to work in combination.”



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