Gardaí prepare initial report into Tuam home

Gardaí are in the process of preparing an initial report for the government into the mass grave at a former mother-and-baby home in County Galway.

It is understood gardaí have visited the site of the Bon Secours home in Tuam where almost 800 children died between 1925 and 1961.

Meanwhile, local journalists have expressed surprise at the sudden worldwide media interest in the story.

"We covered the first story first of all - both in Galway Bay FM and the Tuam Herald on the town council meeting on the 7th of October last year," said Tom Gilmore, a local journalist.

"Catherine Coreless [who unearthed the records] and some of her committee came to the town council looking for funding top fund the plaque they wanted to put up in the mass graveyard."

"It's just strange that all of a sudden it takes off internationally, many months later."

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