Gardaí plan to dismantle Kinahan gang leadership

File photo.
By Cormac O'Keeffe
Security Correspondent

Gardaí plan to dismantle the “entire” Kinahan cartel and believe that future court convictions will bring about the “downfall” of the gang’s leadership.

While refusing to specifically name cartel boss — Daniel Kinahan — senior gardaí said they will not relent until “everyone” in the organised crime group is brought before the courts.

Assistant Commissioner, John O’Driscoll, head of Organised and Serious Crime, said he is “satisfied” they have gathered sufficient evidence to recommend charges against outstanding members of the gang.

And he warned these individuals that evidence already accepted by the courts in the successful convictions of members could be used in future prosecutions.

AC O’Driscoll said it is clear that the Kinahan cartel has “wreaked havoc” on communities and he hopes their association with professional boxing does not damage the important role amateur boxing plays in disadvantaged communities in keeping young people away from gangs.

He was speaking as three more cartel associates were jailed for assisting in the conspiracy to murder Patsy Hutch, the brother of Hutch gang leader, Gerry “The Monk” Hutch. It follows the conviction of four people already in a plot that was foiled by gardaí.

Asked by the media if Daniel Kinahan is one of their targets, he said: 

When I speak about the people who are in the hierarchy of the crime group they will be targeted and while I may not mention any name in particular, until such time as criminal charges, if we gather sufficient evidence, to prefer criminal charges, clearly the hierarchy are being targeted. Ultimately our aim is to dismantle the entire crime group. We have achieved some considerable success to date.

He said he is satisfied that they have gathered sufficient evidence for further charges: "It is not in our interest to give any forewarning to any particular individual of our activity — other than to warn them we are not finished until everyone involved is brought before the courts.” 

He said their aim is to hit the “top of the pyramid” in the Kinahan cartel: “By taking out the pillars of the crime group along the way it ultimately causes damage to that organised crime group and ultimately will bring about, we believe, the downfall of those at the top of the pyramid.” 

Flanked by Detective Chief Superintendent Angela Willis and Detective Superintendent Dave Gallagher of the Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, he said 15 people involved in organised crime have received sentences of more than five years from the Special Crime Court since Jan 2019 and 28 received the same in the ordinary courts.

He said the DOCB has seized €13.6 million worth of drugs so far this year, along with 13 firearms and 2,000 rounds of ammunition as well as €3.6m in cash and prevented two attempted assassinations. He was speaking as €800,000 in cash was seized from a gang in north Dublin and Cavan.


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