Gardaí issue appeal for information about murdered Kilkenny woman - 33 years on

33 years after the murder of a Kilkenny woman - no one has ever been brought to justice.

Gardaí have now issued a fresh appeal for information into the death of mother of two Marie Tierney.

She left her home on the night of October 21, 1984 - her car was found the next day - while her body was discovered in a ditch on Bleach Road two months later.

To date over 500 lines of inquiry and over 200 witness statements have been recorded but no arrests have been made.

Superintendent Derek Hughes say they'll now be speaking to everyone who made an initial statement as part of the investigation.

Relationships change, and loyalties change, we know that from experience, and people may feel they can share information with us now, that they were unable to do so at the time for whatever reason.


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