Gardaí fine almost 3,700 drivers for parking in disabled spaces

The number of fines gardaí collected from people who misused disabled bays increased by 8% last year.

Nearly 3,700 fines were paid by people who parked or stopped in the spaces - 300 more than in 2018.

According to Freedom of Information figures, the fines amounted to nearly of €471,000.

The sanctions were handed out to people who parked or stopped in disabled parking spaces.

John Dolan, CEO of the Disability Federation of Ireland, said people should have more regard for those with disabilities.

Mr Dolan said: “That kind of Covid annoyance that people are feeling now; that is an everyday event for somebody with a disability who is trying to park and needs the disabled parking space,” he said.

“Covid or no Covid, to find that spaces are being used by people who are not entitled to use is just such a frustration.

“It is actually saying to people, ‘you know what, you guys don’t really count.’”

The amount collected was up 17% on 2018 – when €401,000 was collected from 3,385 drivers who parked or stopped in disabled spaces.

Dublin accounted for close to a half of the offences last year, at 1,600.

Limerick was the next highest at 276, marginally more than Galway and Cork.

Five other Garda divisions accounted for more than 100 of the offences.

Meath had the most considerate drivers in the country – with just 22 paying the fines.

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