Gardaí cleared of beating man during arrest in Dublin

A jury has cleared two Gardaí accused of beating a man during an arrest at Blanchardstown in Dublin.

Leon Sutcliffe brought charges against Garda John Mulcahy and Garda Brian O'Connor after claiming he was assaulted on November 13, 2010.

During the trial, Leon Sutcliffe said he was hanging around a burning wheelie bin with friends when a Garda patrol car pulled up.

After making a run for it and being chased on foot, he claimed he was handcuffed and kicked in the face and body by the two Gardaí.

From the stand, Garda John Mulcahy said it was all lies and described how the allegation had impacted on his career and promotion hopes.

His colleague, Garda Brian O'Connor, also denied the charge and said under no circumstances did he, or Garda Mulcahy, carry out such a savage attack.

After eight days of evidence, the jurors were sent out to be begin their deliberations at noon today.

The seven men and five women returned an hour later and told Judge Patrick McCartan that they had found both men not guilty.

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