Gardaí and Roma family release statements

Gardaí have released a statement saying they want to assure the public they take extremely serious all reports from the public concering child welfare.

They have said that in all cases immediate steps are taken to protect the welfare of the child in accordance with the law.

Meanwhile, Travellers and Roma group Pavee Point has called for an independent inquiry.

In a statement, the family's solicitor has said they do not believe what happened to their family since Monday should ever have happened.

Meanwhile a 2-year-old boy who was taken from his Roma family in Athlone in Co Westmeath has been reunited with them.

Statement from the family of the Roma family in Dublin whose daughter was taken into care while police investigated whether she was related

Lawyer Waheed Mudah said:

"Our clients are aboslutely delighted that their daughter is coming home. Her removal has been a cause of huge upset to her parents, her brothers and sisters to the young girl herself..."

"Our clients also wish to say that they do not believe that what has happened to their family over the last few days should ever have happened..."

"They believe there are very serious questions arising about the procedures used in this case, but are going to wait for this to settle and then consider their position and that of their daughter in light of recent events and will be taking legal advice in respect of this."

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