Garda whistleblower gives evidence for three hours

Sergeant Maurice McCabe

The Dáil's Public Accounts Committee has heard over three hours of evidence from a serving Garda sergeant.

Sergeant Maurice McCabe gave evidence on problems with the management of the penalty points system, in a hearing held behind closed doors in Leinster House.

Sergeant McCabe arrived in civilian clothes, but wore his Garda uniform to the PAC hearing.

TDs are investigating the financial implications from alleged corruption in the penalty points system.

Sergeant McCabe was accompanied by the other Garda whistleblower, John Wilson, who did not give evidence in today's hearing, which went on for over three hours.

TDs are being careful not to make any comment that could interfere with the committee's inquiries.

The Committee says no garda or third parties were named during today's private session.

Chairman of the Committee John McGuinness said the Committee got a unique insight into the way the fixed charge system worked at an operational level - and that this insight will help the Committee as it examines the C&AG Report on this matter.

Deputy McGuinnesss said many of the issues raised will be the subject of further investigation by the Garda Ombudsman Commission.

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