Garda Superintendents 'weren't aware of illicit recordings' at Garda stations

The General Secretary of the Garda Superintendents Association, Pat McCabe, has insisted their members did not know about illicit taping at Garda stations.

The group are meeting in Naas this afternoon for their first conference since the recent controversies involving the force.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter pulled out of the Garda Reserve graduation last week because of his "workload", however he is expected to attend and speak to the members this evening.

Mr McCabe said Garda Superintendents were not aware of the recordings.

He said: "This might seem somewhat evasive, but we would have been aware that 999 calls would have been taped, and for obvious reasons, but it wasn't clear to us that other calls were being recorded.

"We haven't the full details to date, so it's a little difficult to comment in terms of the general and the specific."

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