Garda Ombudsman headquarters reportedly bugged

The headquarters of the Garda Ombudsman Commission has reportedly been targeted by a secret bugging operation.

According to a report in today's Sunday Times, the watchdog's phone and internet were compromised in a highly sophisticated hacking incident.

The Commission is refusing to comment.

According to the Sunday Times report, the surveillance operation used what's being described as "government-level technology" to eavesdrop on the Abbey Street headquarters of the Garda ombudsman.

The spying operation was uncovered when the Ombudsman hired security consultants to investigate whether its office had been bugged.

The investigation found that a phone in a meeting room had been rigged to eavesdrop on confidential conversations.

The room was used to hold case conferences related to investigations being carried out by the commission.

The Wi-Fi network at the Garda Ombudsman office had also been hacked - allowing emails and confidential material to be intercepted.

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