Garda Ombudsman commission 'did not want to point the finger' over bugging

The Garda Síochána Ombudsman tonight issued a statement on the bugging of its headquarters, saying it had found no evidence of wrong-doing by Gardaí.

GSOC said it identified "two credible threats" and, during the investigation of those threats be security experts, had identified a third threat.

The operation - which was carried out by a UK firm - cost €18,000 and confirmed the existence of three threats described as 'technical and electrical anomalies'.

It then launched an investigation into the matter, and found no evidence of any wrongdoing by members of Gardaí.

However it said it was satisfied that databases were not compromised and the investigation ended.

The commission said it "took a very difficult decision" not to report the matter to the Minster for Justice because they "did not want to point the finger unnecessarily at anyone," which they felt "would not be conducive to public confidence."

They said they now regretted that decision.

No questions were taken following the statement.

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