Garda Commissioner 'won't tolerate non-enforcement of penalty points'

The Garda Commissioner says any non-enforcement of penalty points will not be tolerated in the force.

Martin Callinan has already appointed an assistant commissioner to examine allegations about the cancellation of road traffic penalties.

Speaking at Garda Headquarters, the Commissioner says he is determined that the commitment of the gardai to effective enforcement of traffic laws will be absolute.

He is also seeking to reassure the public that, regardless of the circumstances behind the allegations, the investigation will be comprehensive and rigorous.

In a statement, he said: "I have already indicated that I have appointed Assistant Commissioner John O'Mahoney to examine allegations which have been made about the cancellation of Road Traffic penalties.

"For obvious reasons, there are limits to what I can say publicly about this matter until that examination is complete. It would be unfortunate if people were to take advantage of that situation to repeat publicly allegations as if they were established facts.

"In view of some public comments which have been made about this matter, I think it is important that I make a number of points publicly at this stage.

"The public can be assured that the investigation into the allegations which have been made will be comprehensive and rigorous, whatever the circumstances behind them. If issues emerge as to how some individual cases were dealt with, these will be pursued fully. Equally, if any lessons can be learned from the examination when it is complete, these will be taken on board."

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