Garda clampdown on rogue taxi drivers 'made no arrests'

A garda clampdown on rogue taxi drivers and un-roadworthy vehicles has reportedly netted no arrests.

It is estimated 2,500 cabbies stayed off the streets after Operation Taxi was announced in advance.

A lack of available taxis was blamed after many people were forced to walk home from the recent Arcade Fire concert at Marlay Park.

The head of the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation John Usher criticised the new deputy leader of the Labour Party, Public Transport Minister Alan Kelly, saying that he should not have made the operation public.

"Well at the time he was running for deputy leader of the Labour Party and one can form their own opinion as to why he went to the media," he said.

"I’ll tell you one thing: he’s a very good Minister at talking, but when it comes to action, I think there’s a little bit lacking."

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