Galway retailers won’t sell drink before 3pm today

Retailers across Galway city will not sell alcohol before 3pm today.

Off licences and supermarkets have entered a voluntary agreement with the Gardaí for St Patrick's Day.

It is hoped the move will prevent anti-social behaviour on the city's streets.

Lord Mayor of Galway City, Councillor Frank Fahy, said public drunkenness should not be tolerated.

He said: "It's a brilliant idea and I commend all the shop owners and off-licences for doing this.

"It shows great public spirit and it should help to prevent public drunkenness.

"We have an issue - not just in Galway. We sort of lose the plot and go all-out on drink. It should not be tolerated."

Lord Mayor of galway City, Frank Fahy

Meanwhile, more than 100,000 tourists have come to Ireland for the festivities, with half a million expected to line the streets of Dublin for the largest parade in the country.

A larger than normal garda presence will be seen in the capital to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and to help deal with the crowds.


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