Galway company to send team of communications volunteers to Greece

A Galway company is sending a team of volunteers to Greece to provide refugees with communications technology.

Disaster Tech Lab said that after food and clothing, the ability to contact relatives and access information is the next most important item for those fleeing war-torn countries.

The group, which offers emergency communication services, has offered support in the past to disaster-hit areas such as the Philippines and Haiti.

Evert Bopp said: "We want to provide (the refugees) with a means of communication and get in contact with their family members to let them know they've made the crossing safely, and where they're going," he said.

"(We also want to give them) access to information about what kind of aid is available for them."

The trip takes place on September 12.

Meanwhile, Goal is bringing war-torn Syria to the streets of Dublin this from 12pm today.

The organisation is setting up a series of photo booths on South King Street to give people a picture of the conditions refugees are fleeing from.

CEO Barry Andrews said the initiative was in the hope of driving home the reality of the four-year war.

He said: "We're concerned people have a diminished sense of the reality of the war…If this war isn’t brought to an end, we will never see an end to the dangerous practices we are seeing in the Mediterranean."

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