Future of Childline in jeopardy, warns ISPCC

The ISPCC is warning that its 24 hour support service 'Childline' is in jeopardy.

The charity's AGM will hear today that controversies in the charity sector are pushing the service to breaking point.

The ISPCC is the latest group to report a falloff in donations in the wake of controversies like those which hit the Central Remedial Clinic and Rehab.

It is due to hold its AGM today and outline its financial situation.

Childline relies largely on donations, but did get some HSE funding last year.

It has been in operation for 25 years.

It was contacted about 650,000 times last year, and its phone and internet services responded to 450,000 of those.

Ashley Balbirnie, ISPCC Chief Executive said: “Be in no doubt that the ISPCC is at breaking point and cannot continue to provide vital nationwide 24-hour support if the current trend continues.

“This will leave a huge vacuum for vulnerable children in Ireland, our children.

“They will quite simply have nowhere to turn and these children who are brave enough to call Childline should not be casualties of a controversy they played no part in.”

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