FSAI confirms Findus lasagne was on sale in Ireland

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has confirmed that Findus beef lasagne products found to contain up to 100% horse meat in the UK, were on sale in Ireland.

In a statement, the FSAI says Tesco withdrew the product from its shelves earlier this week, but did not inform them.

Irish consumers are being advised to check if they have purchased this product and if they have, not to eat it, but to return it to the point of purchase.

The UK's Food Standards Agency wants tests carried out on the Findus products for the veterinary drug known as 'bute' - which is banned from the food chain.

Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney says once investigations into the horse meat controversy are concluded, changes to food monitoring processes will be introduced.

“Once we get to the bottom of this horse meat beef burgers controversy and we know exactly how it happened and where the problems came from, who knew about it and facilitated it and if there was fraud involved, we will reassess our whole system.”

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