Freed Irish hostage expected home today

Family and friends of an Irishman who escaped the Algerian hostage crisis are today preparing to welcome him home.

Father-of-two Stephen McFaul, 36, who lives in West Belfast, is not expected back before lunchtime.

Explosives were placed around his neck by al-Qaida-linked kidnappers but he was able to flee after a vehicle he was in crashed while coming under attack from Algerian forces, his brother Brian said.

Members of the family have been in contact with the electrician supervisor.

Brian McFaul said: “He had explosives tied around his neck.

“He was being transported in a convoy of five vehicles when they came under attack. His vehicle crashed.”

He made contact with his wife Angela at around 3pm yesterday to say he was safe and well.

His 13-year-old son Dylan declared he would give him a “big hug” as soon as he sees him.

Mr McFaul, who also has a four-year-old son Jake, has been looked after by Algerian authorities while arrangements are made for his return.

Mr McFaul’s father Christopher said his son is an easy-going, happy-go-lucky person who took everything in his stride, but that he was worried for him and delighted he had come through the ordeal at the gasfield complex in Amenas.

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