Foster believes deal can be reached in North by end of the month

The DUP leader Arlene Foster says she believes the June 29 deadline, to restore the power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland, is achievable.

The date has been set by the British Government to reach an agreement before it considers the introduction of direct rule from Westminster.

The former First Minister met with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at Government Buildings earlier today - where the two discussed the ongoing talks to restore devolution, and the DUP's new role in Westminster.

Arlene Foster says she wants to see the power-sharing executive restored in Northern Ireland.

"Yes, I think it is very realistic that a deal can be done.

"I think that the issues that need to be dealt with have been talked about now for quite a period of time.

"We have been out of office now since January, then at the March election we had a series of negotiations, and after that then the General Election came so I think it is very much doable to have a deal by the end of this month," she said.


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