Formerly homeless Dublin family leave new home after suspicious fire

A Dublin family, rehoused after spending two years homeless, have had to leave their new home after a suspicious fire.

The blaze broke out in Ballyfermot on Wednesday night and although it did not spread past the hallway from the front door, the house is uninhabitable for the moment.

It had been made available by the Peter McVerry Trust under the government's Repair and Leasing scheme.

CEO Pat Doyle says they have already started working on repairs.

"We had the family rehoused. The family were rehoused within hours.

Thankfully they weren't in the building at the time of the incident.

"They've been rehoused to another two-bed apartment.

"They're being supported and they will be supported ongoingly by the trust.

"Our job now is to get that building back up."

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