Former Master of National Maternity Hospital claims at least three women died because of the 8th amendment

The former Master of the National Maternity Hospital has claimed at least three women have died because of the 8th amendment.

Dr Peter Boylan makes the assertion in an interview with Hot Press magazine.

National Maternity Hospital

However the Save the 8th campaign has disputed his comments.

Dr Boylan cites the death of Sheila Hodgers, who died 6 months before the 8th amendment was inserted into the constitution.

He also refers to Savita Halappanavar who died after contracting sepsis.

An independent report said Ireland's laws were a factor in her death.

He gives a third example as the death of Michelle Harte who travelled to the UK for an abortion while battling cancer.

The Save the 8th group contend she died from cancer and not as a result of the constitutional ban on abortion.

Dr Boylan says his view that the 8th amendment should be repealed was formed after witnessing the pain and suffering many women have been forced to endure.

However, the campaign to Save the 8th rejects his argument.

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