Former Limerick mayor 'having a good lash' in pub after defeat

By David Raleigh

The former Mayor of Limerick Jim Long is in a pub "having a good ol' lash" after conceding defeat today.

The Fine Gael councillor is on 303 votes after Count Two in the Limerick City West seven-seater.

Mr Long - who would need over 900 votes to achieve the quota - blamed his "the arrogance of the Fine Gael party", as well as party leader Enda Kenny for "going to far" with austerity policies on the public.

After walking from the Limerick Count Centre, he confirmed by phone: "I've left the building. But, I've no coffin on my shoulder."

"I'm out in the Unicorn pub with all my supporters and we're having a good ol' lash," he added.

Pic: Google Maps

Mr Long said he "appreciated and respected" the public's decision to "evict" him.

He said: "I did expect it. I had a fair idea when I was on my second round of canvassing and people were more negative than they had been a month ago."

"I lay the blame firmly at the feet of the Fine Gael party leadership for my demise and the demise of the party nationally."

He added: "It's not sour grapes. I had 10 great years and a mayoralty of the city.

"However, I expected that Labour would have kept Fine Gael in check and Labour did not stand up to them. This is all down to the arrogance of the Fine Gael party."

Mr Long said he was going to concentrate on a business venture which would see him continue to foster trade links with China and Croatia, which he had began under his tenure at Limerick City Hall.

"We have a delegation from Croatia coming over here next week and I had been invited to China (prior to the election) and I will take that up."

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