Flooding begins in Cork as high tide approaches

Cork city is beginning to flood once more almost 30 minutes before high tide, which is predicited for 5.36pm.

"Tidal flooding is forecast between 5pm and 6pm," Cork City Council stated today.

"The areas likely to be affected are Morrissons Island, parts of South Mall, South Terrace, Wandesford Quay and Frenches Quay and low lying parts of the City Centre.

"Road and street closures will be put in place in the City Centre from 4.30pm until 6.30pm. Parking and access will be restricted during this period.

"Property owners should, based on the effects of previous flooding, assess the extent of the steps to be put in place to protect their property."

Three weather warnings are currently in place from Met Éireann this afternoon.

An Orange flood warning is in place for the entire country, with almost two inches of rain forecast within 24 hours in some areas.

Parts of Leinster, Ulster and Connacht are also under a snow and ice warning, with over an inch of snow expected in some places.

Gerard Fleming from Met Éireann says he cannot rule out the prospect of further heavy storms in the coming days.

"We'll have to watch carefully at the storms ass they come across the Atlantic - most of them that we can see at the moment what we call 'normal' winter storms, but all of them have the potential to turn unpleasant and nasty" he said.

"But the wind speeds across the Atlantic at the moment is that it's only taking two days for a storm to cross from the American side to the European side" he added.

Vodafone says its service has been impacted by the current stormy weather.

Loss of power to transmitters means its coverage is being affected in 15 counties at present.

Vodafone says it has deployed a significant number of emergency generators across the network and is hoping to restore services as quickly as possible.

Tweeter Damien Murphy has seen the funny side, though.


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