Flood and storm warning issued in Clare

That famous picture from Lahinch last month, by George Karbus

Clare County Council has issued a flood and storm warning for the entire county in advance of severe weather conditions that are expected during the next few days.

The local authority is warning anyone living or working in low-lying coastal areas in particular, to take precautionary steps in light of the flood risk posed by a combination of heavy rainfall, storm-force winds, a large sea swell and a spring tide.

"There is a serious risk countywide of both coastal and inland flooding and all areas which have flooded in the past could be seriously impacted," said Clare County Council senior engineer Tom Tiernan.

"Conditions could be similar in nature and extent to the storm events of early January with the potential for structural damage.

"Current firm indications are that severe weather conditions will pertain throughout the coming weekend commencing with a substantial rainfall event tomorrow.

"In addition, tide levels will be rising to a spring tide peak overnight on Friday/Saturday morning. This will be exacerbated by significant swell conditions and high Westerly and South Westerly winds which will continue through Saturday."

River levels are also very high.

Clare County Council and local emergency services are drawing up contingency arrangements for additional pumping capacity and other flood alleviation measures at flood-prone locations.

In the meantime, the council advised people not to venture out unless necessary, particularly in coastal areas.

Flooding advice is available on flooding.ie.

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