Flood alert issued for Cork

Cork City Council has issued a flood alert for tomorrow evening.

The estimated period of flooding in the city is between 4pm to 7pm.

"In association with the forecast storm conditions for Friday, February 14, a predicted storm surge to coincide with the astronomical high tide may give rise to flooding of streets in the City," the Council said on its website.

Heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow from 6am-6pm, and high tide is predicted for 5:36pm tomorrow.

"This will lead to additional ponding on streets while the river levels are high," the statement read.

"It is possible that flooding may occur in the low lying areas of the city centre including in particular Infirmary Road, South Terrace, Trinity Bridge, Rutland Street, Sawmill Street, Cotter Street, Union Quay, Morrisons Quay, Proby’s Quay, Crosses Green, Sharman Crawford St, Wandesford Quay, Lavitts Quay, Kyrls Quay, Coal Quay and Lapps Quay.

"Other Areas at potential risk are South Mall, Oliver Plunkett Street, Pembroke St., Winthrop Street, Kennedy Quay, Centre Park Road, Monahan’s Road, Georges Quay, North Mall, Penrose Quay, and the low lying areas of the city centre."

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