Flannery faces renewed calls to appear at PAC over lobbying reports

Rehab director Frank Flannery faced renewed calls today to come before the Public Acconts Committee, after it emerged he was paid by the charity to lobby the Government.

The Irish Times reported this morning that he targeted the departments of Justice, Education and Social Protection on a range of issues, including lottery funding.

The work was carried out by Mr Flannery's firm, Laragh Consulting, between 2011 and 2012 and Rehab paid for his services through a UK company associated with the charity, called TBG learning.

The Irish Times reports it has seen a number of invoices, for amounts of €5,500 and €11,000.

As well as his work with the Rehab Group, Frank Flannery maintains a role as a Fine Gael strategist.

He has been called to appear before the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions on the charity.

Earlier today, committee member Mary Lou Mc Donald issued a statement saying he "must" accept the committee's invitation.

“Just as rehab have been arrogant and dismissive of public concerns so too has Frank Flannery," she said.

“For the second time the PAC has written to invite him to appear before the committee.

“He must come in and address all of the issues in relation to executives pay and pension pots, in relation to Rehab’s dealings with his company Complete Eco Systems and in relation to his consultancy which Rehab paid him for.

“Frank Flannery shouldn’t imagine that he can put his head in the sand and hope these issues will go away. That won’t happen."

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