Flanagan meets Israeli Ambassador as Costello slams Ireland's abstention

Joe Costello

The Foreign Affairs Minister Charlie Flanagan has met the Israeli Ambassador to raise the Government's concerns about the escalating violence in Gaza.

Minister Flanagan said he expressed deep disquiet over attacks on civilians in schools and hospitals, which he said were "utterly unacceptable and contrary to international law."

He told the Ambassador such attacks must stop immediately and asked him to convey the message to his government in Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Labour's Joe Costello, who lost his junior foreign affairs post in the reshuffle, has slammed Ireland's abstention in the UN Human Rights Council vote on Gaza.

Deputy Costello said that up to now Ireland has a good record in diplomacy and human rights in relation to Palestine.

Mr Costello said: "That's the sort of appraoch that Ireland should be taking rather than being seen to be sucked in and taking a rather anodyne, EU position that really says nothing, and actually makes no proposal itself as to the way to go forward."

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