FitzPatrick told to 'mend fences' with Quinn Anglo trial hears

Former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick has said he was instructed to 'mend fences' with Sean Quinn after the Maple transaction.

In garda interviews the 65-year-old denied that he had stepped outside his role as a non-executive director in meeting with the head of the Quinn Group after the 'bank's biggest deal'.

In July 2008 Anglo lent millions to the Maple ten and Sean Quinn's family to buy shares in the bank in what the prosecution alleges was an unlawful transaction.

The purpose of the deal was to unwind the 29% stake the Cavan businessman had secretly built up in the bank.

But FitzPatrick later told gardaí that in the wake of the transaction Mr Quinn's relationship with the bank's chief executive David Drumm had hit bottom.

Mr FitzPatrick said Quinn was threatening legal action and that he was seen by Mr Drumm as the only person able to speak to Sean Quinn, however his instructions were clear that he was to 'mend fences' rather than negotiate.

The 65-year-old denies 16 charges of providing unlawful financial assistance.

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