Fitzgerald: Censorship not best response to '#neknomination' craze

Children's Minister Frances Fitzgerald has said she isnot in favour of any sort of censorship as a means of dealing with issues such as the 'neknomination' drinking game craze.

The craze has been linked to the death earlier this month of 19-year-old Carlow man Jonny Byrne, prompting calls for 'neknomination' pages to be shut down on Facebook and for other social media companies to take action against the spread of such material.

Speaking in the Dáil this morning Minister Fitzgerald said that educating young people of the dangers of what's online is the best response.

"The general research is suggesting that young people need to… have the information, have the education, get the right supports in using the material," she said.

"Increasingly we are finding that young people are putting information on the web which is then shared and which becomes problematic at a later stage."


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