Fisherman taken to hospital after injury off Cork

File photo.
By Eoin English
Irish Examiner Reporter

The RNLI helped an injured fisherman off Cork this morning before the casualty was transferred to hospital for treatment for a suspected broken arm and a head injury.

The crew of the Crosshaven lifeboat, the John and Janet, were paged at 10.27am to go to the aid of a 10m fishing vessel with an injured crewman on board.

The lifeboat with Aidan O’Connor in command and Norman Jackson, Georgia Keating and Molly Murphy on board, met the vessel off Graball Bay some 12 minutes later as it made its way towards shore.

Two of lifeboat crew transferred to the fishing boat to administer care to the injured crewman who was in severe pain.

Sea conditions were rough at the time and it was deemed too dangerous to transfer the casualty to the lifeboat.

The fishing vessel continued under RNLI escort to Crosshaven where the injured fisherman was handed into the care of paramedics for transfer to hospital.

Crosshaven RNLI Deputy Launch Authority, Hugh Mokler commented, said the volunteer crew responded quickly and made the casualty, who was in a great deal of pain as comfortable as possible until he was handed into to the care of the ambulance service.

“Today, it can be said, their casualty care training made a difference,” he said.



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