First witness called in Anglo trial

A former employee of the Companies Office is the first witness to be called in the trial of three former Anglo Irish Bank executives.

The prosecution humorously described it as a "dubious honour" for Claire Pyke, who is being questioned about a certificate she issued for the bank in 2011, when the case was being investigated.

Her evidence is being given with the aid of computer screens dotted around the courtroom.

There are nine small flat computer screens on view to the legal teams, seven small screens shared between the 15 jurors in the jury box and one small screen shared between the three accused in the dock.

Additionally there are two very large flat screens mounted on the walls of the courtroom.

The barrister is asking Ms Pyke about a document which is now on display on these screens.

This document gives details from the Companies Register, detailing the registration of the “City of Dublin Bank Limited”, the precursor to Anglo Irish Bank.

The document shows that on December 31, 1986 the bank changed its name to Anglo Irish Bank Corporation PLC.

It notes the various changes in directors and secretaries in the company in the time up to 2008.

Former Anglo chairman Sean FitzPatrick, former finance director Willie McAteer and former head of lending in Ireland Pat Whelan have pleaded not guilty to charges of providing unlawful financial assistance to Sean Quinn’s family and the Maple 10 to buy shares in the bank.

A second witness will be explaining Contracts for Difference (CFDs) later.

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