First results returned in Children's Rights Referendum

The first results of the Children's Rights Referendum have been confirmed today.

Donegal South West became the first constituency to declare, with less than a quarter of eligible electorate voting 56.47% to 43.53% against the amendment.

Tipperary South has also declared, voting in favour of the proposal by 54.17% to 45.83%, with a 35.18% turnout.

The 31st amendment to the Constitution is expected to be carried when a result is announced this afternoon.

Rural constituencies are said to be showing stronger No votes.

For example, in the Taoiseach's Mayo constituency the tallies say it looks like 55% Yes, 45% No.

Dublin West tallies are predicting a 61% Yes, with 57% Yes tallied in Dublin Mid West.

A 100% tally in Tipperary North has predicted a 58% for the Yes side.

A final tally in Wicklow said that turnout is as high as 39% and that the Yes vote there will be around 64%.

A final result, which is expected to result in the country backing the insertion of the children's rights amendment into the Constitution, should be available within a couple of hours.

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