Fire fighters dampen down blaze at industrial unit in Dublin

A damping down operation continued overnight after a major blaze at a disused factory in Inchicore in Dublin yesterday afternoon.

Up to 20 fire fighters were deployed to the scene and breathing apparatus had to be used when they discovered the building had an asbestos roof.

District Fire Officer David Kavanagh said it was a tricky situation, but no one was injured and crews safely brought the fire under control.

He said: "As you can see from some of the pictures that were put up on social media the plumes of smoke were very, very high, so we had an influx of calls.

"When we made entry into it we discovered that there was actually asbestos in the roof that meant we had to take more precautions, we had to wear our BA (breathing apparatus) sets to fight the fire offensively.

"The turntable ladders wouldn't be any good to us, because with the roof still in place, the water would have just splashed off the roof, so we had to actually fight it internally."

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