Finlay: Quinns 'don't deserve' donations to fight fraud case

The head of children's charity Barnardos, Fergus Finlay, has hit out at reports that more than €2m has been donated by individuals and businesses to the Quinn family to help them fund their legal action against the former Anglo Irish Bank.

It is thought up to 50 donors have come forward to support the family, which is suing the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation for alleged fraud.

They claim more than €2bn worth of loans given to them by the bank are unlawful because they were used to prop up Anglo's collapsing share price.

Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay said he cannot understand why people would choose to donate their money to the Quinns.

Mr Finlay said: "I think the Budget is going to be a tough one. We all the know the economic background, we all know the neccessity to cut our cloth accroding to our measure and most of us are trying to do that.

"There is one family apparently in the country who believes that it doesn't need to cut its cloth according to its measure and who are willing to accept money that they don't need and don't deserve to maintain the lifestyle that they are used to."

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