Finance Minister blames Sinn Fein for delay in water charges refund

The Finance Minister has blamed Sinn Fein for the delay in refunding water charges.

The Government has failed to pass the necessary legislation in time, as it says it has had to deal with several amendments.

It is now expected to go through before the end of the month, which will enable Irish Water to start issuing cheques but it's unlikely they'll all be sent before the Christmas deadline.

Paschal Donohoe says Sinn Fein owes people an explanation.

He said: "It is the Government's intention to repay back everybody who paid their water charges as soon as possible, we have the legislation in place to do that.

"But due to the behaviour of Sinn Féin that might not be possibe and I hope Sinn Féin will be able to clarify to the country why their ammendents are now delaying the repayment process for everybody."


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