Finalised Croke Park agreement drawn up; compulsory redundancies 'not part of final deal'

SIPTU's Jack O'Connor

Trade unions and the Government will today begin considering the new Croke Park agreement, when they receive the finalised copy of the draft deal from the LRC.

The controversial agreement which will be discussed at Cabinet this morning will see pay cuts of 10% for those earning more than €185,000 and 5.5% for those earning more than €65,000 a year, as well as longer working hours and lower overtime payments.

The deal, if passed, will come into effect from July and run until 2016.

Politicians' pay will also take a hit, with the Taoiseach receiving a reduction of €15,000 per annum.

The deal was also expected to allow for compulsory redundancies, in limited circumstances, but Minister Brendan Howling appeared to dismiss that possibility this morning, saying compulsory redundancies did not form part of the final deal.

Rank-and-file and middle-ranking gardaí, as well as four trade unions, withdrew from the talks and are set to reject the deal.

The trade unions who stayed in the talks will have to decide whether to recommend the deal to their members before it is voted on.

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