Final Leaving Cert exams over today

The State Exams will come to an end this evening.

Leaving Cert students taking Religion, Applied Maths, Italian, Japanese and Technology will sit their final exam today.

As the focus shifts from study to celebrations, has launched a survival guide for those jetting off on a Leaving Cert holiday.

The booklet has been put together with the help of 'Lonely Planet' travel-writer Fionn Davenport.

CEO Fionnuala Sheehan says the guide is packed with practical information.

"The purpose of the guide is to give practical pointers on what you need if you're going on holiday - what to bring with you, what not to bring with you," she said.

"Included in that are some pointers on what can arise if you do mix sun and alcohol, how to manage yourself so you remain safe, and you get back home safely."

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