Fianna Fáil warned against calling snap election

Fianna Fáil has been warned to beware the lesson of Theresa May by an independent political analyst who said calling a snap election could back-fire on the party, Fiachra Ó Cionnaith.

Speaking at the party's ard fhéis at the RDS in Dublin today, University of London professor of politics Tim Bale said while it may sound appealing now, there are clear pitfalls with seeking a national vote on a whim.

During a keynote lecture to delegates, Prof Bale - who has spoken at a number of recent Fianna Fáil ard fhéiseanna and is respected among the party hierarchy for his political predictions - said while an snap election may be appealing, it could also back-fire.

Citing the ongoing Brexit crisis, he said the party should consider "holding off on an election" until after at least some of the main issues between Britain and the EU have been resolved.

He said this is because it remains unclear how Brexit will affect the Irish border and economy, and that "it strikes me you'll get no thanks if you pull the plug [during this], just like Theresa May".

British Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap election in May seeing to take advantage of a presumed positive view of Brexit from the British public.

However, despite expecting to gain support, the election move was disastrous for both her position of authority and her own Conservative party's public image, and ultimately led to a hung parliament.

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