Fianna Fáil uses Enda Kenny to get their election campaign rolling

By Juno McEnroe

Political Correspondent

Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has launched his party’s digital ad campaign ahead of the election but put his rival, Enda Kenny, front and centre of the main message.

In a surprise move, the party’s poster was unveiled today but with a large picture of Mr Kenny and even Fine Gael’s logo on the image.

However, the message is targeting Fine Gael’s record overseeing health while in government as well the coalition’s party election pledge to reduce taxes for the wealthy.

The mock poster with Mr Kenny says he won’t end the scandal of patients on trolleys (a promise he made in the 2007 general election campaign) and that tax cuts for wealthy come first.

Mr Martin denied that the Fianna Fáil move was negative campaigning. He said Fine Gael had promised to end the two tier system in health and that US style taxes would decimate services.

Mr Martin said that he would himself be front and centre of the Opposition party’s main campaign.

Health, homelessness and crime would be some of the main issues addressed during its campaign.

"The purpose of this message is to illustrate the fundamental problem with the Fine Gael approach and the consistency in which they break promises, including the one they made five years ago when they said they would end the two-tier health service.”


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