Fianna Fáil think-in continues as Martin demands increase to State pension

Fianna Fáil begins the second day of its think-in in Co Carlow today.

The party has been discussing its wish-list for the upcoming Budget - and leader Micheál Martin is insisting pensioners must be given a break.

Fianna Fáil said it is keen to ensure its manifesto pledge of giving a €30 increase to the weekly pension is implemented.

Deputy Martin said that pensioners have endured a series of cuts in recent years.

"I could reel them out for you, you know: the prescription charge - €2.50 up to €25, the end of the living alone allowance, the property tax particularly on pensioners living alone and windows and so on like that," he said.

"And there's many, many more. And they really felt it, so they do need a break. Pensioners need a break."

Mr Martin says the public have made it clear that the Universal Social Charge should be scrapped.

He has also revealed that Fianna Fáil will be briefed by Fine Gael before this year's Budget.

“Ministers have offered discussions and because we are in a situation in the Dáil where no one party has a majority, if the Government would be proposing the Budget, we’re not writing the Budget, but nonetheless we want to make a contribution,” he said.

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