Fianna Fáil 'ready' for snap election and won't support Varadkar's 'flimsy' proposal banning strikes

Fianna Fáil has said it is ready for a snap election at any time and could have candidates selected in a matter of days.

The party says it is committed to the confidence and supply agreement so long as the new Fine Gael leader and Taoiseach lives up to it too.

They have also rounded on Leo Varadkar's proposals to ban workers in essential sectors from striking.

Public expenditure spokesperson, Dara Calleary says they would not support it.

"In the context of public service pay talks getting underway the timing of the proposals are unhelpful, and I would ask that both candidates would give the space over the next few weeks for those negotiations to proceed without political interference.

"In terms of a ban on strikes it's not something as a party we would support

"The proposals that he has made have been so flimsy to date I don't think it's worthy of further comment," he said.

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