Fianna Fáil calls on Arlene Foster to 'follow her words with action'

Fianna Fail has called on the DUP leader to "follow her words with action" as we head towards Brexit.

Arlene Foster yesterday called for closer relations between the UK and Ireland, suggesting in a speech in Killarney in Kerry, that leaders on both sides of the border should work together for the benefit of everyone.

Fianna Fail's spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Dara O'Brien, said words are good but they are not enough.

"What we really need to see is those words backed up by actual action. The best way to do that is to get the Assembly back up and running, to have an Executive in the North of Ireland," he said.

"If we're 12 months without it - and the DUP and Sinn Féin themselves share responsibility for the fact that the people in the North have no representation right the way through this Brexit process," he added.


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