FF/FG policy document ignores issue of poverty - Social Justice Ireland

Social Justice Ireland (SJI) says the issue of poverty has been completely ignored in the framework for a proposed government by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.

The document gives 10 core missions with the parties ruling out tax hikes and social welfare cuts.

It will need the support of other parties to form a Programme for Government with some groups saying the lack of clarity on financing is concerning.

Eamon Murphy from Social Justice Ireland says there are positives but many areas are still neglected.

"Solving the housing crisis, moving towards a single-tier health system and sorting out the fact that Ireland is self-confessed laggard in relation to our climate goals.

"But we would be worried about the lack of detail as to how these goals are going to be funded and also in relation to that fact that Ireland's severe inequality issues were barely referenced in the document.

"In fact, the issue of poverty was almost completely ignored."

Mr Murphy said that in terms of climate targets, the document is a "rehash of goals and targets that were already there that we never came close to meeting".